Folk Music

“K-Pop of the human rights movement" strikes a chord in a conservative country.
“Lozhkas,” traditional Russian instruments, are spoons that produce a clacking noise.
With the death of Ramapolo Hugh Masekela, South African has lost its pre-eminent folk musician.
Why music strikes a chord.
It’s almost impossible to imagine two leaders on opposite sides of the Middle East conflict rising to give an ovation at
The plan was always to use black culture like the costume that it was.
Music has a long history and it is not only good to know it, but also educative. Even some parts of it. People have so many
Do you like soul music? Folk music? How about the two together? I recently heard the powerful voice of British Nigerian singer songriter, Lánre who manages to infuse both soul and folk together - if it sounds bizarre, trust me, it works.
"I am willing to pay due respect to the poetry of George Meredith, of Thomas Hardy, of DH Lawrence as part of their oeuvre
I recently heard some great new music from Angry Baby Music and I wanted to share the review here with you. Being a fearless