food poverty

Boris Johnson's "cakeism" is one thing, but "let them eat cake-ism" would be much worse.
The site, launched with his Child Food Poverty Taskforce, includes a map signposting local support for the winter.
Stop pretending you know what it’s like to go hungry, writes Harriet Williamson.
Prime minister responds to Marcus Rashford campaign by saying he is "very proud" of support the government has given to families.
Footballer rejects Matt Hancock's comments, saying he has had no contact with the PM about his campaign since June.
Footballer says “the fight to protect our most vulnerable children is far from over".
A trailblazing shop in Birkenhead helps reduce food waste by rescuing surplus stock. Its customers' stories are heartbreaking.
The number of people using food banks has surged during the coronavirus pandemic – and demand is expected to increase further.
Over the last seven years, we've given out 370,773 meals, 40% to children – if we had a birthday wish, we'd wish no one needed our help any more
It's not a food bank, but anyone can take what's inside for free – even if that's an artisan bread roll.