Foreign Policy

According to Trump’s former secretary of state, conservatives are a bigger threat to the U.S. than China.
"The level of stupidity — and we had a great deal," Trump boasted in his usual mangled syntax.
After years of ignoring Afghanistan, many close to the Biden White House — and the president himself — feel some major American outlets are adopting a pro-war stance.
The president’s speech captured the futility of prolonging the US mission but offered little reflection on how America created the conditions for the Taliban to repress millions of Afghans.
Journalist Adel Al-Hasani told HuffPost how the UAE and its allies in Yemen tried to silence him, and warned of further human rights violations.
Shadow foreign secretary says party is "absolutely baffled" at decision.
Foreign secretary told staff that “restricting” trade because of human rights abuses would mean missing out on “growth markets”.
Well-informed observers told HuffPost they're increasingly confident a combination of progressives and hawks will send a big signal about changing U.S. foreign policy.
The president may fire the FBI and CIA directors, and some sources told HuffPost they're worried Trump may start a war.
Trump praised the Turkish president to Andrew Brunson, an evangelical pastor who was arrested in Turkey in 2016 on espionage and terrorism charges.