foreign students

Uncertainty over grants for overseas students is leading them to look elsewhere.
The number of EU students applying to UK universities has fallen by 9% since Britain voted to leave the European Union, UCAS
Philip Hammond said the decision should be made based on what the public think.
Foreign students could be removed from net migration figures in a sweeping review of the UK’s immigration system after Brexit
George Osborne has confirmed Theresa May's plan to set tougher English language tests for foreign students have been abandoned
If Theresa May has her way, I'll be deported in two months - never mind the five years I spent earning two prestigious British degrees and the £70,000 I took out in loans... In the eyes of the home secretary, I'm an American cash cow to be put to pasture.
With pockets of social groups and subcultures - from the super rich in Chelsea and ultra-glamorous in Mayfair to the vintage fans of Portobello Road and the artists in Hoxton Square - finding somewhere to fit in is easy. That's why London is for everyone.
Graduates from the European Union have racked up a bill of £50m in unpaid tuition fees, new figures show. Private investigators
Overseas students make a major contribution to the UK economy, not just to UK universities. The government's own impact assessment report on the reform of the student immigration system estimated the changes being imposed on student visas would generate a loss of c£2.4 billion over four years.
Almost 5,000 foreign migrants granted visas to study in the UK each year could be refused entry under new powers to weed