Fossil fuel

Exclusive: YouGov/Global Witness poll seized on by Labour in call for change.
This decade was likely the hottest on record. As it comes to a close and another begins, one glaring question is: can the world make up for this lost time?
Jeremy Corbyn is in pole position to reap the benefits of an increasingly widespread desire for social change, professor Benjamin Selwyn writes.
The media have to bear some responsibility for directing such hate towards environmentalists that people think it’s acceptable to assault them, writer Adam McGibbon writes.
Activists from the group Reclaim the Power blocked the entrance to the Drax headquarters in central London. They claim the energy supplier is contributing to the UK's reliance on fossil fuels. In Scunthorpe, activists climbed construction cranes where an SSE power plant is being upgraded.
Public concern about our planetary crisis is hitting record highs – so why do a majority of over 400 sitting MPs not seem to take issue with their pensions being invested in fossil fuels?
Lib Dem-led letter to PM warns development of a new fossil fuel industry of any kind is "unacceptable".
By ignoring the role of fossil fuel companies – and the major investors here on our doorstep – in driving climate breakdown, we are offering little hope for our children’s future
'My early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.'