foster care

Kameese Davis, 40, knew things needed to change in the care system. So she took matters into her own hands.
TACT has reported an 11% increase in queries from people hoping to become foster carers since lockdown.
Sometimes you just want your family back, but you realise what a privilege it is to grow up in a stable home with caring parents, writes Andy Gorman
Two councils repeatedly failed to learn from mistakes – including allowing alleged perpetrators to continue fostering children.
Rob Scheer and his husband fostered and adopted four kids. Here's how their "forever family" is educating others.
If you have done your job properly it will hurt, deeply. The children become part of your family, so letting them go and trying to get on with your life is unbearable.
"It gets harder every year to find space for all the presents and cards."
In 1975, Birdie McDonald answered an advert looking for people who would foster and adopt BAME children, due to a shortage of carers. Over the next 40 years she spent her life fostering over 800 children. Here’s what she’s learned about parenting along the way.
We are, in effect, volunteers. We do this because we believe the right thing to do