A Tory councillor who told a woman who confronted him at a foxhunt “I’d quite like to shag you” has resigned. West Norfolk
The death of a leading huntswoman, killed after falling from her horse during a trail hunt, has been met with online jubilation
Since receiving the mandate to turn the UK blue, the Conservatives have wasted little time in outlining some major potential policy overhauls, the germs of which one must imagine have sat since 2010 in a pipeline clogged by coalition government.
We went into the weekend just about as prepared as we could be. Our shops had postcards for our worried customers to sign, an anti-hunt window display, our staff all altering their rotas to be present at the Parliament demo on Tuesday...
David Cameron has postponed plans to water down the foxhunting ban after the SNP vowed to vote against the changes. The vote
Ukip's deputy leader Paul Nuttall has been branded "misogynistic" after claiming SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon should be thrown
The five things you need to know on Tuesday July 14, 2015... 1) TALLY NO! The SNP’s gamechanging decision to vote against
SNP MPs could vote against changes to England’s foxhunting law because it is akin to “dolphin slaughtering in Japan”, a senior
The Government's proposal to weaken the Hunting Act by allowing an unlimited number of dogs to pursue foxes, deer and hares for 'pest control', or simply for observation, is nothing more than a devious attempt to repeal the Act by the back door.