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'A classic Whitehall power grab carried out while the chaos caused by Brexit is still unfolding'
Groundbreaking digital reforms to open up Whitehall to the public are under threat from a power-grab by senior civil servants
The five things you need to know on Wednesday February 10, 2016… 1) DOCTOR HECKLE AND MISTER HIDE It’s PMQs day again and
Government “red boxes”, briefcases and papers have been chauffeur-driven on their own in ministerial cars almost 2,000 times
A civil servant has been sacked for making offensive Wikipedia edits about the Hillsborough disaster, but efforts to find
Here are the five things you need to know on Tuesday 17 June 2014... 1) TALKING TO TEHRAN The rise of al Qaeda offshoot Isis
This Government believes that if you're open about problems as they arise and you tell people when things go wrong, then they will be more inclined to believe you when things are working and you want to talk about your achievements. Over time, being open builds trust.
Francis Maude has risked tweaking the nose of the American administration by bemoaning the antiquated approach to IT employed
George Osborne has been accused of planning to "sell off the family silver" over new plans to pay down the budget deficit
When direct evidence emerges of a conspiracy stretching back years to blacklist trade unionists and prevent them from working, no inquiry is deemed necessary. When a few wealthy executives are reminded of the damage their decisions do to people's lives, it is apparently a gravely serious matter that demands urgent attention.