Meghan Markle does not have time for publications who airbrush out her freckles or hide them under layers of makeup. The
It was a wonderful experience and I loved every minute. My very fair Scottish skin did not take too kindly at all to the glorious sun... My face developed what I felt at the time were the ugliest freckles. They were huge and sporadic. They had no regular path or shape. If they had I may not have been so conscious of them.
Note: how much makeup women wear is none of your business.
Swygart had so much fun going “full glam” for the challenge, she took it again a few days later and shared the results with
The future of 2016 beauty trends is looking brighter than ever (glow in the dark hair, anyone?) - but we think we've just
Growing up people made fun of them. Which essentially shouldn't have mattered. However combining that with other image issues, depression and anxiety, it really did become an internal battle for me. I became so overly aware of them that I was never at ease.
Millie Mackintosh is the latest celeb to try this summer's drawn-on freckle trend, sharing a behind-the-scenes snap from