Freedom of information

This is why as we marked the occasion of Right to Know Day, I joined the protest outside this latest reading room in Brussels. It is totally inappropriate for private companies to control transparency in this way and to put their profits ahead of our right to information. We need to put the "freedom" back into "freedom of information." so that we know how our health and environment might be impacted. As policy makers we have a right to verify or challenge findings and to work for the public good.
A woman in rural Mexico recently told my colleague, "We've always been told we don't have a voice, but that's not true. Since
A decision not to charge for Freedom of Information (FoI) requests has been hailed as a "victory for journalism". The government
After his famously blistering defence of the NHS, Michael Sheen has thrown his weight to another controversial issue - condemning
Almost all the major departments experienced rises in the number of FoI requests received in Q1 2015. The only two departments
Secret letters from Prince Charles to government ministers will be published tomorrow, after a long legal battle over whether
Letters from Prince Charles to government ministers are set to be released, after a nearly decade-long battle to stop the
Over the past few weeks I've been trying to untangle the motivation behind the broadcasting and sharing of such extreme violence. Is it to shake us free from western complacency? Or, is it simply to be the first to have something to say at the local bar among the Facebook-ers and Tweeters championing fashionable global concerns?
The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), bane of the lives of unemployed people, has refused a legitimate request for information from a BBC reporter.
It is a decade since the Labour Government's Freedom of Information Act came into force... Having been a minister myself, I'll admit that freedom of information can be a nuisance. Just as the constant threat of being judicially reviewed is a thorn in the side of ministers. But that's precisely the point, and I'd never want to clamp down on either.