Freedom of religion

Religious liberty is too important to leave to zealots to defend
Circumcision of male infants is "ethically unacceptable" and violates children's rights, say backers. Religious leaders say it tramples their beliefs.
"The reality is that the removal of the reasonable chastisement defence means that any form of physical discipline of a child may fall within the legal definition of an assault. "
If religious observance is to be carried out in schools, it must come from the community. If the school does it, it is violating the Constitution.
The OGOD argument would allow the government to enforce a particular worldview on all schools. This is exactly what the apartheid government used to do.
If our government was not so clueless, it would decline to get involved in matters of consenting adults eating snakes during worship.
As a humanist I very much defend, uphold and rely on the human right to freedom of religion or belief. I do, however, want to offer a few words of caution as well...
It is, in all our interests to ensure that governments, media and institutions around the world speak out for individuals in jail or facing execution, support civil society actors on the ground working to defend freedom of religion or belief, and make it a priority to promote this most basic of freedoms.
Removing the collective worship requirement is not a call to jettison all trace of religion from schools... Legally imposing a daily act of worship, in which pupils by law are required to "take part", goes beyond the legitimate function of the state and violates the human right of freedom of belief for children and young people.
This week saw one of those fleeting moments when Daily Mail readers will have felt a great big load of love for the European Court of Human Rights...