Back in 2008 Christian Louboutin sued Spanish fashion chain Zara over a pair of open-toe shoes which were of a similar design to Louboutin's Yo Yo style with its iconic red sole (which has been a signature of the brand for over 20 years).
In just a year I've converted from being unbothered and uneducated where Skincare is concerned to becoming a highly curious, knowledge seeking and experimental Skincare junkie.
As for sex, no thanks please, we're British. Seriously though, it is behind closed doors and in my own personal experience a less sensual moment and more of a rumpy pumpy one. Probably a huge generalisation - I fear for all the comments - but all the best lovers have been Frenchies.
Paris's reputation as the international capital of l'amour means you can barely turn a corner (in Paris or on Facebook) without being confronted by a couple kissing in view of the Eiffel Tower. However, among Parisians themselves, if traditional romance isn't dead, it is at least in a coma on life support.
So in comparison, maybe still acknowledging our Queen isn't all bad. I just don't think she needs a new yacht. Gove said the money wouldn't come from taxpayers but from corporations willing to invest, but hey, Mikey, here's an idea, why not get them to invest in things that benefit the country?
What would you do for a bargain? Queue up in the cold, in the rain, in the snow? Queue up in the cold... in just your pants
French fashion chain La Redoute has been forced to cover up an embarrassing 'faux pas' after it forgot to airbrush a naked
In an, *ahem*, uncharacteristic moment of French machismo, France's finance minister, Francois Baroin has said that being
It’s not just Del Boy who has trouble with speaking French it seems, as two in three Brits have admitted they can't speak
The official average size and girth of a penis has been published by a French Medical Authority in a bid to tackle male anxiety