funny babies

Babies learn to feed themselves at a young age, yet sometimes as adults we fail at the a basics of this essential life skill
Parents may want to record every precious moment with their newborn, but did you ever wonder how babies feel about having
What could go wrong when taking a photo of a man kissing a baby? Quite a lot apparently. This photo shared on imgur with
We all know that babies look like little old men. (Well, some babies. Not your baby, obviously.) But now the subreddit Old
In order to recover from my introduction into poonami land, we sat on the bed and played together for a bit. Mainly so I could convince myself that she was actually cute and not just a poo spraying devil creature.
And who can blame her? Musical birthday cards are, after all, simply wonderful things... if you've just turned one. And they're
We think it's safe to say that Maisie is a big Ed Sheeran fan. Because when his song 'Don't' comes on the car stereo, she
This is why you should never give a birthday cake to a one-year-old. Or rather: why you should... if you want a hilarious
Kaysi is now eight years old - so when this video was filmed in 2007, she was just a (very cute) baby. As you can see, she'd