funny birds

Stop everything. RIGHT NOW. And watch Harvey the cockatoo yelling into his cup. It may only be 15 seconds long, but we promise
Our day? Made. Thanks to Charles the galah cockatoo, who hails from Australia and has the most wonderful, joyous cry. 'Wheeeee
Never let it be said that Matthew McConaughey parrots his lines. Because it's more a case of the other way around. Yes, hello
"This bird makes a sound just like a laser gun from a sci-fi movie." "Liar!" "That's right, it is a lyre." *laughs forever
"Every time I visit this owl it gives me this face," explains YouTuber Adam Poley. And what a priceless face it is! Of course
"We taught Bluey the budgie how to do R2-D2 and now he drives us crazy!" writes YouTuber Carli Jeffrey. Or to put it another
"I was unexpectedly attacked by my daughter parrot while playing the Titanic music on the violin," explains the husband of
Seriously. We could watch this delightful daftness on loop. Altogether now: "Da-da dada dada da da..." SEE ALSO: Two Parrots
It's the pop hit that took the world by storm in 1993 - and that includes the animal kingdom. (Although it's possibly more
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the grey parrot that appears to be the MC Hammer of the avian world. (Via Viral Viral Videos)