Funny Women

This week Eva App in association with Funny Women walked into the history books, setting the record for the most jokes told by women on social media in one hour and I got to host the event. Does this mean in one hundred years time people will talk about me in the same sentence as Isaac Newton and Florence Nightingale? Probably not, but it was a lovely first gig of 2016.
Comedian Amy Schumer had audiences across the US laughing their heads off on Saturday when she hosted 'Saturday Night Live
A new short film by Camilla Robinson, made in collaboration with actress Vanessa-Faye Stanley, shoe designer Tracey Neuls
SuperMum is a short mockumentary about a young mother with superpowers whom the press has dubbed SuperMum. Written and directed
I am not alone. A New York Times survey in 1984 placed death third in a list of people's biggest fears. The first two were walking into a room full of strangers and speaking in public. So the whole TED phenomena taps into our inner fears and, as somebody who sends people o
We're guessing any men watching this either commit drive-by harassment themselves, or didn't know it happened. In a pretty
Happy birthday, Tina Fey! Yes, one of our absolute favourite funny women turns 45 today. To celebrate, here's a reminder
It all started with a glib remark by a male comedy promoter 15 years ago who replied to my question about why he never booked any women by stating that 'women aren't funny' and furthermore that 'there aren't any funny women on the circuit'.
"People say terrible things to us all the time," says comedian Claire Ayoub. "If you're like me, you think of the perfect
Operation 'Find the shoes' commences. Mum says 'Where are your shoes?'. Kid 1 replies ' I dunno. I dunno'. Kid 2 does not respond. His face is pressed up against the flat screen TV causing snot to smear across the front of his idol, Peppa Pig.