gap years

This is probably one of the most important things I discovered about myself while travelling. I was never one to spend hundreds of pounds on clothes, but I'm definitely guilty of frittering money away on silly things...
Australia is a perfect place for backpackers to combine work and travel. There is a huge range of jobs for foreign travellers, the wages are decent, and once you've saved up a chunk, you can go off and explore the country!
The account was created by two anonymous women who draw on their own experiences of volunteering in East Africa.   "We were
As universities have had their Freshers in the last few weeks, all media seems to be focused on those going away; things they ought to know, recipes they should have and so on. However, there doesn't seem to be anything for those left behind...
Thailand is of course a phenomenal country. A never-ending voyage of jungles, winding roads, fantastic people and constant adventure. It's pretty much the same as Leeds or an acid trip in Kew Gardens.
A gap year doesn't always have to be about backpacking in Australia or "finding yourself" in Thailand. Even your summer holidays
Ninety Mile Beach, Australia Yup, you guessed it. This beach is 90 miles long. It's popular with dolphin and whale watchers
The National Parks in the USA offer to opportunity to volunteer as a ranger, with accommodation included for international
Gap Yah is back. And this time, it's the intahnshup (that's internships to us common plebeians). Being paid is soo not in