Gary Neville

Labour let “the home team have a clear run", says pundit after party abstained in vote on restrictions.
Manchester United legend also says no staff will be made redundant.
"It’s something that’s got worse in the last three years in this country and not just in football.”
She had made a controversial comment about Tottenham Hotspur.
Former footballer Gary Neville has leapt to the defence of Rachel Riley, after the presenter quit her role on Sky Sports
People continue to parade Hodgson's constant selection of Rooney as evidence he is out of touch - ignoring the fact he also gave England debuts to Kane, Vardy, Drinkwater, Shaw, and Stones. And the fact Rooney is captain, and really quite good. If it ain't broke, don't fix it - particularly if you have some fairly stable glue to hand already.
Wednesday December 2, around 10am. The mood changed perceptibly in the Sky Sports newsroom. The producer of the upcoming
If the current Government is committed to developing a genuine Northern Powerhouse, in the future we might be longing for the days when clubs from the South East challenged to be the best in the country.
Neville and Giggs are among a group of footballers who also own Hotel Football, an upscale football-themed hotel overlooking
Gary Neville should be the next England manager. He might not have the experience managing at club level, but has nearly four years on Hodgson's coaching staff to back him up, plus two decades of playing under Sir Alex at Manchester United. You learn a thing or two in a situation like that. His punditry is one piece of evidence in that regard.