gender gap

A HuffPost investigation found that women in crew positions experience lewd comments, gendered discrimination and even physical assault — and in some cases, it’s driving them out of the industry.
The gender gap is present in pocket money too.
Global gender equality declined this year for the first time since WEF began tracking it.
One of the biggest surprises I had when I entered the AI industry was the lack of women that were present within it. It's not just at the senior levels either, it's a problem which seems to be present throughout every layer of AI organisations.
A US study shows women are not advancing in corporate careers, while Trump reverses progress for women in other areas.
There was a furore in early August this year - and rightfully so - when Google software engineer, James Damore, asserted that it was women's 'biological differences' and tendency towards 'neuroticism' which were responsible for the small numbers of women who worked as coders.
The question of the old boys’ club remains: how do we ensure that women voices are heard where the “real decisions” are made.
No parent would knowingly sign up to put barriers in the way of their children's ambition or outlook. And yet we all (ourselves included) do it every day. Whether it's the assumption that girls will want to go to ballet class and boys will like football.
Huge gender pay gap exposed as BBC publishes salaries of top stars