gender identity

As well as being "brutal", lack of options on death certificates could be putting people at risk.
“I hate the idea we are fighting between ourselves,” the gender-fluid comic says.
The Rubeus Hagrid actor has suggested people are too easily offended.
Body hair is political. It’s also social and cultural. For some women – particularly trans women – the absence or presence of body hair can even be a safety issue. Messaging around body hair is insidious and the policing can begin at a young age, perpetuating narrow beauty standards and an even narrower understanding of gender identity.
The actor talks accessibility of trans roles, mental health and groundbreaking gender confirmation surgery scenes in the Australian soap.
My wife and kids already knew about my gender identity but after leaving the hospital, I realised it was time to tell everyone else.
The Harry Potter star followed Daniel Radcliffe and Eddie Redmayne in speaking out.
The Harry Potter star shared a statement stating "transgender women are women".
The SNP administration has published the draft Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill for consultation.
As figures show a rise in children referred to gender identity clinics in the past decade, one teen going through the transition process talks exclusively to HuffPost UK.