gender identity

Janelle Monáe shows us what’s possible when we respect and acknowledge each others' gender identities.
Disclosing gender identity or sexual orientation on an application has unfair downsides — but not sharing comes with big costs, too.
"In both of our childhoods we were told that we were, and had to be, ‘one thing'. We did not want to make that decision for our child."
"I couldn’t square those ideas in my mind: that someone who claimed they wanted to protect kids could justify killing or harming caregivers or interrupting treatments for sick children."
“Part of the appeal of having pit hair is that it makes me attractive to the people I actually want to be attractive to.”
Downing Street said the education secretary was expressing a "personal view".
As well as being "brutal", lack of options on death certificates could be putting people at risk.
“I hate the idea we are fighting between ourselves,” the gender-fluid comic says.
The Rubeus Hagrid actor has suggested people are too easily offended.