General Motors

The second 'supermoon' of the year will be visible this weekend.
On the evenings of Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November, us Brits will get a stunning view of 2017′s second ‘supermoon’, otherwise
Tesla might have been stealing the headlines with its ‘affordable’ Model 3 but as it turns out General Motors had something
"Just because you have learnt how to assemble a car does not mean you can assemble a plane."
Numsa says they were consulted only after GM announced its shock departure.
The fate of over 1000 workers at GM's Port Elizabeth plant remains unclear as the company packs its bags.
Is Mr Trump likely to act on his threats and use his Twitter feed as a blueprint for policy? It is very doubtful that this is anything other than posturing. However, Mr Trump has clearly shown us one thing: he has a very different understanding of trade relations that any other American President in living memory.
Everybody is getting ready for summer and although I am still scrabbling about in my shed fixing up my historic car, I took
Neighbours came out to see why the cars had slowed to find a wire coming out my kitchen window attached to my car. They asked if I could park there every day, which I did for the week and we all enjoyed a 'slow zone' during this time.