On my estate, young, white, middle class residents show complete unwilling to social distance, Asma Shah writes.
With a series of high-profile backers and a number of protests, anti-gentrifaction sentiment in Bo-Kaap is gaining traction.
The president turned on the charm while breaking fast with the Muslim community in Cape Town, promising to address gentrification and gangsterism.
The integration of British Muslims cannot solely focus on the religious aspects of it, on looking at what we can do to stop extremist preachers, socially conservative scholars and online radicalisation. For there to be cultural integration there has to also be economic integration.
I have just been appointed as one of Mayor Sadiq Khan's Design Advocates' to help drive the Good Growth by Design project
Living on a canal barge I'm aware that 'pound' has two meanings, not only currency but also a stretch of canal between two locks. I'm a Trans woman. My home isn't on dry land, it floats.  Its location, New Islington Marina, is close to Manchester's city centre and home not only to myself and husband, but also thirty seven other families.
John Akinde performs his poem Letters in an exclusive vlog for HuffPost UK. In it he touches on how a letter took away the place he called home in the name of gentrification, how letters tell him what money he owes, where to be, and that he needs to vote. However, he doesn't ever get a letter telling him who represents him.
We love change.  And Soho has always changed.  But it has changed because of the diversity of income groups all rubbing along together at once.  And of course we already have one Mayfair.  No one needs another one in the centre of London.
Judge says argument based on distance to Wolwerivier is inadequate.
Independent music venues in the UK face tough times. While some thrive, like The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, a significant number struggles to survive due to rising rents, council license restrictions and redevelopment plans. In a time of financial uncertainty and global political division, we need their DIY-culture and punk spirit more than ever. Not least of all the audience.