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Today's GDP results have been met with mixed reactions from both politicians and analysts. Official figures from the ONS
Chancellor George Osborne has insisted that his deficit reduction plan has been "vindicated" despite fears official figures
George Osborne was today braced for embarrassing revelations about his links to Rupert Murdoch - as ministers prepared to
The solution to this quagmire is simple. The state needs to put its dummy back into the pram, and increase capital expenditure on infrastructural projects including affordable housing.
The eurozone crisis is both a huge threat to the UK economy and the greatest opportunity for genuine, lasting reform in Europe. Let's hope that the Prime Minister and his Chancellor face down this threat and grasp the opportunity in front of them.
Ed Balls has accused George Osborne of "undermining growth" and his own credibility ahead of Tuesday's GDP figures. The shadow
Ed Balls has piled the pressure on George Osborne ahead of the Tuesday's GDP figures, claiming they will need to show growth
The Chancellor, George Osborne, flew to New York and had dinner with Rupert Murdoch two weeks before the media regulator
If politicians, whoever they might be, want to take some time off to go to the cricket we shouldn't point fingers at them, we should applaud them and be thankful that the smug killjoys haven't killed off every last pleasure afforded to those who give up private lives for public service.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- UK Chancellor George Osborne has welcomed the new bailout package for Greece, commending eurozone leaders