Gerard Depardieu

The French actor has been charged in relation to allegations made by an actress in her 20s that date back to 2018.
Happiness is the preserve of the young, the unburdened, the naïve and those blissfully unaware of the dark realities of life. In my final couple of decades, I want to see and shout about the world as it really is, railing against the injustices all around me.
Gerard Depardieu has sensationally claimed he ate two lions after shooting them dead in self-defence in Africa, according
Gerard Depardieu's love of a drink or ten appears to have taken its toll on his waistline, judging by these latest snaps
Heavy weight French actor Gerard Depardieu has claimed he shot dead two lions during a trip to Africa. The 65-year-old made
I have always followed the career of the actor Sam Neill with interest. It started in physics class in my early teens, when
David Beckham is undeniably gorgeous. But for me, the second he begins to speak, that gorgeousness becomes a distant memory. Conversely, Gerard Depardieu does not, perhaps, immediately strike one as conventionally appealing. But the minute he opens his mouth - quel delight!
Pussy Rioters Nadezda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina have been making the most of their recent freedom, speaking forth
This time last year French Gérard Depardieu was applying for Russian citizenship in order to avoid a tax for millionaires
Celebrities don't need the money. So why do they do it? Why do they take the risk of performing for these immoral regimes when there is so much for them at stake? Well, the frank answer is either they are stupid or they are greedy. And neither excuse is acceptable.
On Sunday, the English cyclist Chris Froome swept down the Champs-Élysées to win the 100th Tour de France. He is only the second ever Englishman to carry off the famous yellow jersey, following Bradley Wiggins' triumph last year. But as Froome's fans shout 'allez!' the youth of France are more likely to be crying to each other 'barrez'; which roughly translates as 'scram', 'beat it', 'get out of here'... An open letter published in Le Point magazine by a Sorbonne student called 'Clare G' claimed that half of 18 to 34-year-olds would leave France.
There's something for everyone here. For Hollywood neophytes, we learn that Gerard Depardieu (who plays the ship's Cook) was "total fun" to work with. For cineastes, there are some wonderful titbits of information detailing how director Ang Lee approached using 3D.
From Clegg on the radio to Cameron on the Tube - via showbiz stars, catwalk models and pastries shaped like men's parts (no
So, that was the week that was. In politics, the 'Ronseal' Coalition released their midterm report, MPs demanded a pay rise
As the end of 2012 spun us around and shot us out like a faulty astronaut training device into the unknown wilds of 2013, most people have probably started the year disoriented and feeling a wee bit sick.
French actor, Gerard Depardieu just accepted a Russian passport, sealing the deal by embracing President Vladimir Putin. With it comes a tidy 13% tax rate - if and its still an if - he's willing to live in Russia for around half the year. Here are some of the more taxing changes to life he will likely endure if he takes up the offer.
First he starred as the eccentric Russian monk and mystic Rasputin, and now Gérard Depardieu has gone one step further to
Gerard Depardieu has been granted Russian citizenship by Vladimir Putin, after sparring with his native country over taxes
Financial reward is the mechanism that creates work in the free market. By taking the incentive for working and developing new skills away, it undermines the fundamental functioning of the free market.
The acting/sporting/philosophising world is in shock this week, following the news that Eric Cantona wants to run for the