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The far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) is about to take up its seats in German parliament. How did we get here? Mainstream media in the West has been quick to point at the Kremlin as the source of the unprecedented number of votes for the far right...
All four of the minor parties increased their vote share, including the far-right Alternative für Deutschland, which will enter the Bundestag for the first time. German politics is about to look quite different indeed.
Despite campaigns agains it, the radical AfD party got enough votes to enter Parliament.
Angela Merkel to claim a fourth term as Chancellor, but nationalists win big.
The radical right-wing party AfD looks set to enter the German parliament for the first time after exit polls signalled it
What does Emmanuel Macron's victory mean for the German federal election in September?
For many people, 2016 was seen as a terrible year. Their worst political nightmares came to be: Brexit, and Trump winning the US presidential elections being seen as the strongest cases in point. Yet for many others - including, most obviously, Nigel Farage, those same events were seen as their political dreams coming true. 2016 was a year to treasure!
Angela Merkel is celebrating an historic victory in the German election, after winning yet another four years of being compared
The markets hope that after the elections Merkel will be more amenable in areas such as the banking union and additional bailouts for distressed Eurozone countries. Alas, the Germans will not change their stance very much.
Germans go to the polls today, with Angela Merkel looking for a third term as Chancellor of Europe's superpower. The odds