gig economy

Independent Workers Union of Great Britain says couriers, cleaners and delivery drivers not getting PPE or Covid-19 tests.
No.10 said on Monday "further action" would be taken "if needed" to protect workers, but did not confirm whether or not statutory sick pay would be widened.
“Working people don’t have the protection they need," says TUC.
The real issue isn’t when or how a freelancer files their tax return, it’s whether they’ll be able to file one at all.
Government announces end to rules which allow agency staff to be paid less than permanent counterparts.
Unions and "precarious workers" joined together to support Uber drivers in a protest in London. Uber is appealing a tribunal finding that their drivers should be considered workers rather than self-employed contractors. If they lose the appeal it could mean a big change for how gig-economy companies like Uber and Deliveroo have to treat the people who work via their apps.
While we are still a minority among British workers, I can see we are the beginning of a new movement of precarious workers that holds the key to a better future
Hundreds of couriers, riders, outsourced cleaners, restaurant workers will take part.
The popular taxi app is in court today to argue its case.