Glamping in the great outdoors is top of Brits' post-lockdown plans.
Wedding season is upon us and for those of us lucky enough to still have some friends without kids that also means it's one
Sleeping in a tent all squashed up, wearing jumpers, coats and socks, holding on to each other for dear life because it's so f'ing cold, whilst sharing a port-a-loo with showers with several other families, is not glamorous. I don't care if I sound like a pampered pooch.
Sometimes formal meditation or mindfulness can be a struggle, but when you camp you have to be present. Instead of the sound of cars going past, you hear the sounds of animals or the buzz of insects at night. Nothing seems to interrupt you, so it's easy to focus on the "here and now". Camping gave me the opportunity to go back to basics and re-establish a connection away from my iPhone.
Everybody is getting ready for summer and although I am still scrabbling about in my shed fixing up my historic car, I took
How do you keep a 'family holiday love affair' with Cornwall going when your children become teenagers? Try these ideas for making Cornwall cool for big kids this summer.
Summer may be over, but there's still plenty of time to pack up the car for a glamping holiday to shack up in a cosy yurt
Camping: just you, your tent, the open air, the hard ground, outdoor toilets... what could possibly go wrong? Wait, why would that be fun?
What was the last item you bought for over £600? A car, computer or even a very, very special item of clothing? How about
Nowadays, 'me time' is a real luxury; and the best place to get it is out in the middle of nowhere, without the distractions of phones, emails and televisions. Not all of us are suited to roughing it like campers (i'm definitely not), so that's where 'glamping' comes into play- all the relaxing benefits of camping without the stressful negatives of finding heat, pitching a tent and having no electricity.