Good Morning Britain TV programme

Good Morning Britain's Alex Beresford delivered a lesson in standing up for what you believe in.
The Good Morning Britain presenter criticised Palin for "talking nonsense" about the 2020 US election result.
Martin Kenyon, 91, won himself even more fans during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.
Matt Hancock to appear on ITV breakfast show in sign Boris Johnson is drawing a line under Dominic Cummings era.
The prime minister was labelled "Britain's biggest bottlejob" by Piers Morgan as an aide drops the f-bomb live on ITV's Good Morning Britain.
Galloway's claim of "hundreds of Israeli flags" at the Champions League final appears to be false.
"I hope you’re not insinuating his outrage is in any way professionally contrived. I won’t have it."
After a mum declared today being gay was "a choice", it's time to ask just how low these programmes are willing to sink to stoke outrage