Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now officially more popular than Internet Explorer, go figure. According to new data from Adobe's Digital
Sick and tired of seeing Nigel Farage's face everywhere? We can only apologise. We realise we've played our part. And while
Google has launched its Chromecast TV dongle in the UK. Chromecast is a cheap and easy way to send pictures and video from
It's not quite Google Middle Earth - but it's close. The search giant's latest Chrome Experiment allows Tolkien fans to zoom
A new interactive map can take you from the wastes of inter-galactic space to our home Solar System in one click. The fully
We've got bad news if you're a browser with something to hide: it turns out 'Incognito Mode' for Google Chrome on iOS isn't
Veiwing this using Chrome? You might want to switch to Safari or Firefox after reading this. Software developer, Elliott
Push alerts are an essential tool for many news organizations to keep readers using their mobile apps regularly. There's a huge opportunity to use push alerts on the desktop too, and incoming updates from Apple and Google will make these notifications even more powerful.
The internet allowed me to take £600 and start a company that now sells to 120 countries around the world generating a turnover of over £1million a month. However, it seems that organisations and individuals are still to realise the opportunity that sits in front of them on their desk.
he average CMO has enough to worry about without needing to spend time poring over the fortunes of hardware companies. However, with consumers spending increasing amounts of time accessing brands via their mobile phone, surely it's important to know which devices are dwindling in popularity?