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Video calls can be a harsh reminder of the sudden changes in your child's life.
Knowledge is the information, skills and understanding that people obtain through education, training, work and other activities. To be seen as knowledgeable about a certain topic gives you high status in most societies in the world.
Sadly, women 50+ can find themselves less than welcome on some of the more traditional communication channels. What to do? Embrace the new technology and create a platform where the voices and the message can be heard.
Google appears to be experiencing a major outage of its Talk and Hangouts online chatting service. Hundreds of users reported
If you look closely on some news channels, like Sky News and Channel 4 News, you'll see the public are starting to contribute using their G+ profiles to join the news team's Hangout. They film themselves on their webcams and talk into the microphones on their laptops, whilst being streamed into a live TV programme.