Gossip Girl

A reboot of the generation-defining series is coming to WarnerMedia’s new streaming service HBO Max.
The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed they are investigating actress Kristina Cohen’s rape accusation against Ed
'I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman.'
Westwick responded saying he does “not know” the actress.
Ed Westwick has denied raping actress Kristina Cohen, after she accused him of sexual assault in a Facebook post earlier
Materialism is a trait that defines both rich and poor. It isn't about holding wealth but a system that is "pre-occupied with the possessions and social image they project". We are all materialistic , whether we like it or not. To some extent, we have no control in this. We are constantly fed advertisements encouraging us to act as consumers rather than citizens and a level of obsession is sadly needed because money supports and sustains us.
‘White Gold’ arrives on BBC Two this evening, with writer Damon Beesley hoping he can repeat the success of his previous
If Ed Westwick is stressing about his latest TV project, ‘White Gold’ - a comedy drama based in 1980s Essex alongside one
Joe Thomas has some bad news and some good news for the many fans of his broad, wide-eyed humour and self-deprecating beta
There’s some bad news for the many fans of ‘Gossip Girl’. Despite the wealth of comebacks for fellow US TV hits, the tales
'We hope the industry can mourn her death without details.'
US actress Lisa Lynn Masters, who starred in the likes of ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit’ and ‘Law & Order’, has
Those characters from 'Gossip Girl' might not like us to mention it, but they weren't always perfect! Through six series
Set in today's Northern Ireland, Popular follows the story of four privileged Belfast teens with more money than sense as they each learn a bit more about each other and their own lives.
Blake Lively is officially off the market - she's married Ryan Reynolds. They've only been dating for about a year but Ryan