Grayson Perry

If gender were an heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next, then perhaps it should have lost its value a long time ago
'Would I be in a dress or would I be in a suit?’
Artist Grayson Perry could be appearing on the next series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, as he’s claimed that a producer approached
Throughout its long history, BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour has covered issues from 'how to hang your husband's suit' in its
In a recent interview given to promote his new book, The Descent of Man, the artist Grayson Perry discusses a figure he identifies
Teachers have a strong incentive to believe in nurture - that success is made as much as born. The strange exception is creativity, where education strategists fear to tread. As a new book identifies the seven creative behaviours behind success, we need to explore how creativity can be learnt.
Often clad in towering heels and brightly-coloured dresses, the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry is far from the
Other men seek their salvation in the ring by punching seven bells out of a component to not only prove their manliness, but to release their own pain of losing a father to suicide. Who would want to argue whether its sweat or tears rolling off his rippled body?