Great Britain

Charities warn of a looming homelessness crisis facing Ukrainians in the UK.
British teenager's fairytale in New York continues with semi-final victory – smashing records in the process.
With restrictions over travel looking onerous during the coronavirus pandemic, this year the staycation may be the best chance to getaway. Here’s how you can do it.
Ned Simons and Paul Waugh are joined by Nikki De Costa, formerly of Number 10, and Anand Menon from UK in a changing Europe as the first week back in Parliament sees leaders of the various factions within government and opposition pick which corner to back themselves into before a momentous vote.
Brigid Fowler, senior researcher at the Hansard Society, this week guides Paul Waugh through the amendments tabled on brexit and what all the permutations mean for the government, Theresa May and brexit itself.
MPs are meeting to discuss the future of the British High Street, following a string of chain and store closures. In the last year alone, over 35,000 have been either lost or put at risk.
I believe that the type of man who harasses women is the type who looks and in the mirror and literally cannot stand what he sees
'It’s a good thing to be told what you are going to be earning.'