Greater Manchester

Communities secretary Robert Jenrick has given them until midday on Tuesday to reach a deal.
The Greater Manchester mayor has nailed his colours to the mast in opposing harsher measures. Here's what his constituents think.
Downing Street hits back at Andy Burnham's suggestion that Boris Johnson was "exaggerating" the seriousness of Covid in the city,
What does the government want? And what does the mayor want?
One doctor hit out at "Covid deniers" who have "no idea what's actually happening right now on the ground".
Greater Manchester mayor says parliament should debate “a fair financial framework” for regions under the strictest measures.
Mayor rejects suggestion the number of cases is doubling every nine days.
It is the second region of England to enter the highest level of restrictions, after Liverpool.
The mayor says he will "stand firm" against the government's attempts to impose tier 3 lockdown restrictions.
The region's leaders had anticipated the northern city would move into tier 3 restrictions to stem the spread of coronavirus.