Despite confirmed Covid cases on board, passengers are in good spirits and await a rescue ship from the Danish navy.
“In his words, Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor,” Miles Taylor, who worked at the Department of Homeland Security, said of the president.
It's not just Brazil – Siberia, Greenland and the Canary islands are among the other regions fighting "unprecedented" fires.
"We pamper North Korea but snub Denmark. I really didn’t see this coming."
The president has previous when it comes to tweeting memes with unknown origins.
The president made his latest comments despite Danish officials making it very clear the country isn't for sale.
Unfortunately for Trump, the country's politicians aren't exactly taken by the idea.
The heatwave that swept across much of Europe over July has made its way to Greenland, accelerating the melting of the island's ice sheet. Scientists from the Danish Meteorological Institute said that since 1 June, the ice sheet has lost 240 gigatonnes, compared to a loss of 290 gigatonnes in the whole of 2012. The melting of ice in Greenland alone will contribute between 5 and 33 centimetres to rising global sea levels by the year 2100.