Grey's Anatomy

The long-running ABC medical drama begins its 20th season this week.
The actor said Heigl, who was maligned for speaking out about working conditions on the ABC series, was "ahead of her time."
"I’m always the bad guy," the former Grey's Anatomy star said. "People like me to be the bad guy."
The actor goes full frontal in his Tony-nominated role, but strict mobile phone rules were supposed to stop overzealous audience members.
The Grey's Anatomy star said last year that the two once went toe-to-toe on the set of the medical drama.
"I have never taken care of more Spanish speakers, undocumented patients, Latinx patients or Black patients as I have during the pandemic."
The “Grey’s Anatomy” star paused during an interview with PORTER magazine to call out the publication’s lack of diversity.
Some huge stars have been made in Seattle Grace.