group chat

There's something about Christmas that makes people panic-plan. Cue more panic.
Why do I need a scheduling app to meet up with some of my closest friends?
Whether for mundane ramblings or carefully drafted messages, Coleen Rooney reminds us how we can’t live without the Notes app...
I love all my friends equally, but have no interest in getting them together.
I promise to bring wine and gossip, wash up after dinner, and chat to absolutely anyone.
"In the time I’ve been single, my life has completely changed. In fact, it’s unrecognisable."
I spent my twenties never knowing when to go home – and paid the price for it.
When your job is full-on and your eyeballs are ready to drop out of their sockets, weekends doing nothing are simply the best.
The phrase "go hard or go home" has never felt more applicable.
Once you’ve bonded over ballet shoes, bad makeup and cringeworthy costumes, there’s no going back.