Guto Harri

Former prime minister, who has been paid £2.5m for speeches, defended by his ex-aide on BBC Question Time after privileges committee verdict.
The former prime minister also clashed with Sajid Javid over Covid testing, it was revealed.
"You went to work for a man you knew was lying and misleading," the News Agent host quipped.
Guto Harri said the then PM was "literally hysterical" ahead of the publication of her partygate report.
An ally said he did not think the former prime minister really believed in leaving the European Union.
The former prime minister wanted to send a foul-mouthed video message to his Tory colleague.
Guto Harri said it is now "not realistic" for Boris Johnson to make a comeback as prime minister.
The prime minister's new spin doctor said Number 10 needed to get a grip of the 'toxic' scandal.
"I am so deeply tired of being governed by this collection of morons and halfwits."
Guto Harri also revealed the PM sang 'I Will Survive' and saluted when giving him the job.