guy fawkes

The effigy is in no doubt inspired by 'pig-gate', a term that was spawned in September following the publication of extracts
As thousands gather to celebrate Bonfire Night and the legacy of Guy Fawkes, many do so wearing an anonymous 'V for Vendetta
Pop into your local branch of Morrisons and you can choose from a lovely little selection of fireworks to brighten up Bonfire
A map of organised events taking place in conjunction across the globe "We have seen the abuses and malpractice of this government
Hull has been an unsung lynchpin in the historical makeup of our nation, a role it continued to fill effortlessly, even during Britain's darkest days during World War Two. Just as we have done throughout recorded history, Hull played an indispensible role in the allied defence of home soil, and indeed in the eventual allied victory, with the inhabitants of the city paying a massive price.
But striding high above all this, like some sort of Twitter colossus, was Monty the penguin, star of the new John Lewis Christmas
Last year, a fire was started at the Victoria Memorial - close to the gates of Buckingham Palace - and protesters threw glass
Every year on Bonfire Night, the good people of Edenbridge set fire to a celebrity effigy. This year it's the turn of the
The marks have been dated back to 1606 Mola buildings archaeologist James Wright said: "King James I had a keen interest
These days we don't exactly dwell on the brutal symbolism of burning Guy Fawkes in effigy, but it still creeps into my mind that modern "family-friendly" Bonfire Nights still have a tinge of the manic wildness of popular revelry as well as the dire retributive violence of the state confronted by a threat.