Governments have “comprehensively failed” Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people in the UK for far too long, MPs have warned. These
Gypsy, the musical based on the life of burlesque striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lee and her mother Rose, is rightly considered
LGBTQ people, Roma and priests were among those murdered in concentration camps.
Throughout November, The Huffington Post UK is running its Beyond Belief series, chronicling the remarkable lives of Britons
A train company has launched an investigation after passengers were told to "be aware of pickpockets and Gypsies" before
A Roma family in Ireland who had a blonde, blue-eyed girl removed from them over concerns she was not theirs expects to hear
Last month, Inside Housing reported that only 101 of the 597 Traveller pitches allocated government funding in England since 2012 have managed to secure planning permission. Without permission, it is unlikely any of the remainder will go ahead; another broken promise in the ongoing struggle for adequate Traveller accommodation in the UK.
In a way, Eric Pickles has a point. The dire shortage of legal traveller sites in England is a blight on our society; fuelling social-exclusion and appalling health and educational outcomes for gypsy and traveller communities.
Zoah aged seven at a fair Hedges-Stocks, whose dream is to be a journalist, told the Daily Mail she "can't quite believe
In the UK, I feel incredibly lucky to be treated the same as everyone else in this country. Never would I be refused a seat in a restaurant or feel discriminated when applying for a job in London, but last time I visited Kosice I was refused service in a shop simply because I am Roma.