Harold Wilson

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But she wasn't told he had already announced abolition plan
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A Labour MP has said Harold Wilson would have been “slightly horrified” by Jeremy Corbyn's Labour. Tristram Hunt, one of
Somewhere along the line, the party appears to have lost its ability to tap into the fears and aspirations of a part of the electorate, what we may have traditionally thought of as the working class vote... Whether it is policies, communications or candidate selection, Thornberry's tweet has only highlighted a problem that has been growing for a while.
Until we, as a society, change, not just the way we act but, the way we think, the disenchanted will have nowhere else to go but #MillionMaskMarch and Russell Brand - too culturally and intellectually blinkered to see that revolution may be the method, but it is never the solution.
Ukip voters want immigrants and their families sent home. A leading ethnic minority Ukip activist despairs over the party's 'racist' posters. Far-right leaders abroad claim to have had 'good contacts' with Nigel Farage. Can Ukip continue to duck and dodge the charge of 'racism'?
You'll get little argument in the current regime of austerity with the concept internationally that the economic world has
As Britain sails into the much anticipated Diamond Jubilee weekend, David Cameron has been praising her Majesty's "Great