Harvey Proctor

Proctor has asked the broadcaster to ‘be upfront’ with its apology.
He brought an interview on BBC Breakfast to an abrupt halt, suggesting he wasn't being given his "right to reply".
He could be heard saying 'I am not having this' as he left the set.
The former charity worker who lied about being abused by a murderous VIP Westminster paedophile ring was found guilty on Monday.
He named former prime minister Sir Edward Heath and Jimmy Savile in his claims.
In a separate trial he pleaded guilty to possessing indecent images of children and of voyeurism.
Our obsession with scandal and high profile abusers obscures just how much of an epidemic child abuse is. Instead of only focussing on the latest juicy story we must pay more attention to the signs that could help us interrupt and prevent child abuse. When children run away from home or care, they are often running from something. Theirs are childhoods blighted by abuse, violence, family instability, and parental drug or alcohol misuse. For girls particularly, running away can be an attempt to escape sexual violence and abuse.
Harvey Proctor, the former Tory MP who was interviewed by Scotland Yard detectives investigating claims he was involved in
A former Conservative MP has denied being a member of "any rent boy ring" in a extraordinary interview, given as police searched