I heard an ad for Money Supermarket on the radio the other day, whether the voiceover included the expression: "Hashtag epic". Yes, he actually spoke the word "hashtag".
Twitter has made stock quotes clickable, in a small update which could spell big problems for one start-up. The social network
I was very interested to read online yesterday and today about Giorgio Armani's global discussion and social media plans, following over 10 years of Armani retail success in China.
If Twitter trends are an insight into the mind of its users then I fear that we are a mass of witless, sexist, racist, sycophantic celebrity stalkers who do nothing but watch reality TV and third rate children's films.
Think of the issues that have raised our national hackles in the past few years; oil prices, cash for influence, expenses, bankers' bonuses...for a while we're appalled, outraged, demanding justice, or at the very least all the juicy details. And then? Business as usual. Should we do more or realise that we're a fickle bunch?