hate crime

"We need people to realise how severe the situation is for trans people," Stonewall said.
“I told myself I wasn’t going to be one of those cases that got abandoned,” said Fatoumata Camara, who dug up video proving she was beaten and robbed.
A new study shows anti-Muslim tweets from Liverpool fans dropped by half in the same period.
Muhlaysia Booker, 23, is at least the fourth transgender person in the US - all of them black women - to be killed this year.
The president said it “looked like a hate crime”.
"While it is tragic that a scheme such as this is necessary, it’s encouraging to see the government taking the proper steps to protect vulnerable faith groups across the UK."
The incident, which took place at a school on the set of former TV show Byker Grove, is being treated as a hate crime.
Hate crime law should offer disabled people the same protection as those targeted because of their race or religion, new report finds.
Police would be able to deal robustly with the root cause of violence against women and help create the culture change needed to deter more serious crimes
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