Mental health organisations are pleading with the government to show more concern for the negative impact from the postal survey.
People are really beginning to bang the drum for mental health and wellbeing, challenging the stigma that surrounds it. Of
The truth is, we won't necessarily know when something's gone from manageable to not. We're not doctors, we're not impartial, we're stuck in the middle of it all... and life is messy, sometimes overwhelming and more times sadly underwhelming. And that's just on an average Tuesday.
If you feel scared for no reason or there's a voice that's telling you you're rubbish and everyone else is fine or better, I want to tell you, it's just not true. You're a brilliant, good person and you don't have to live with feeling crap.
The phrase 'alternative facts' is preoccupying most of us at the moment. Provision of 'alternative facts' about the numbers
This generation has already set the pace by drinking and smoking less than ever before. But with the rise of obesity it is now time for young people (and their parents) to take hold of the opportunities they have and create a truly healthy life.
I am always worrying about what's next rather than enjoying the moment. We can't predict the future, we don't know what's going to happen but that should be EXCITING. I, for one, cannot spend the next 60/70 years worrying about what could/should be.
Last September, rather a mischievous student at my school attempted to bemuse, outwit or irritate his teachers by making
Meditation and mindfulness are SO on trend right now, but in the age of the 'mindful' colouring book, are these ancient practises in danger of becoming just another buzzword?