Health professional

President Trump suggested in a press briefing that healthcare professionals may use disinfectant and heat to treat Covid-19. The president seized upon research that looked at how coronavirus reacts in different temperatures, climates and on different surfaces but his task force coordinator Deborah Birx refused to support his ideas.
Across the world, many frontline health care workers are struggling without the right protective equipment to help those with coronavirus. In Finland, that’s not the case. Having lived on the front line of the cold war, the country has a vast reserve of stockpile to use as the country feels the effects of the global pandemic.
With healthcare and frontline key workers facing shortages of protective clothing as they deal with coronavirus patients and work, those with 3D printing capabilities are helping equip them with face masks and other protective equipment. Schools, businesses and hobbyists are all helping supply places like hospitals with what they need.
The Cabinet minister urged the public to stay inside this weekend as the UK death toll exceeds 4,000.
Draconian measures, including giving councils power to direct "death management" and relaxing mental health laws, will "only be used when it is absolutely necessary".
The risk to patients and staff at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in Middlesex remains "very low", NHS officials said.
Scotland Yard’s latest figures show 1,290 arrests have been made so far.
Plant-based oils may smell great, but many experts say they don’t live up to their health claims.
Left unchecked, it will wipe out entire families, run riot through communities and spread across borders, making it a threat to us all, International Development Secretary Alok Sharma writes.
Police described probe as "a complex and sensitive inquiry".