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safety. However it is those very concerns that are now taking our focus towards industrial action. The current conditions are driving people out of the profession and putting new people off joining - and patients simply won't get the care they deserve from a workforce that is short on numbers
As I type this on the seventh floor of Barts hospital in London, a bag of cyclophosphamide (a close relation of mustard gas) is being delivered straight into my heart via an arm-mounted catheter. I am at the complete mercy of the NHS. And I am entirely in support of the junior doctors' strike.
We've carried out our own medical report on the NHS. And it's not looking good... (Made for HuffPost UK Comedy by David Schneider
The inability of Nigel Farage and other right-wing politicians to integrate and speak the same language as those working
What are you waiting for, big business? It's the coalition government's great NHS privatisation sale - and everything must
Ed Miliband will put the health service at the centre of Labour's campaign over the summer and began by accusing David Cameron
Here is a summary of the reviews conducted into 14 hospital trusts which were investigated for having higher than expected
Thousands more patients may have died than would be expected at 14 trusts investigated over high mortality rates, the Health
Doctors leaders have passed a vote of no confidence in health secretary Jeremy Hunt. Representatives at the British Medical
As an apolitical system and project-focused healthcare campaigner and writer, as well as an executive search professional, I find it inconceivable that the Bow Group could contemplate a Tory Party deal with Ukip