Heart and Vascular Disorders

Chest pain isn't the only indicator of heart disease. Here are other symptoms you should look out for.
There were 4,622 “excess deaths” from heart and circulatory diseases than would normally be expected over the course of Covid-19, the British Heart Foundation said.
Heart attack survivor Paul Robson's warning comes as figures reveal A&E attendances for April 2020 were down 57% year on year.
The idea that heart attacks only affect men impacts the treatment women receive, a charity has warned.
The move marks part of an NHS plan to prevent up to 150,000 heart attacks and strokes in the next 10 years.
A smartphone app might be able to accurately detect blood pressure – but will it work on people of colour?
A new UK study shows that the amount of coffee you drink doesn’t put you at more or less risk for heart disease or stroke. Previous studies had indicated that increased caffeine consumption could stiffen the arteries, putting pressure on the heart. But this recent study, part-funded by the British Heart Foundation, showed whether participants were no more likely to have stiffening of arteries if they had 25 cups of coffee a day than if they had one.
"Heart attacks are being treated differently between the sexes."
It might not be coming to the UK anytime soon...