high pay

The race to the top in executive pay goes hand in hand with the race to the bottom for the rest of the country
The five things you need to know on Monday 14 July 2014... ** GERMANY ARE THE WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS! ** 1) IT'S RESHUFFLE MONDAY
There can be no greater challenge to a just society than a gaping divide between rich and poor. And it's a problem that, by it's very nature, will only get worse unless serious action is taken. That means both lifting the poorest out of poverty and also bringing the richest back down to earth.
A chief executive in one of Britain's biggest businesses takes home more in three days than an average employee can earn in a year. The pay gap between those at the top of the income scale and the rest of the workforce has continued to rise sharply year after year - throughout the recession and recovery.
Top executives will have earned more money by mid-morning today than the average worker does in a year, making it "fat cat
George Osborne has risked public controversy by starting the process to break up the Royal Bank of Scotland early in order
Next summer we won't have an Olympics. It's down to all of us to make sure that an August without sport or troops on the streets of London won't result in the kind of disturbance we saw last year.
Campaigners today called for an end to the "old boys' network" on committees which set pay for executives after new research
David Cameron has promised the government will take steps to curb high pay and excessive bonuses. In a New Year interview