HM Treasury

The prime minister had been expected to give the job to Antonia Romeo as part of her attempts to rip up "orthodoxy" in the department.
Political as much as economic dangers loomed large for the Treasury.
Rishi Sunak will deliver an emergency economic statement on Thursday following the imposition of new coronavirus restrictions.
The British Medical Association said it was "frankly astonishing" there was no new significant health investment in the chancellor's mini-budget.
Bids for cash revealed after calls to helplines surge during lockdown, prompting fears victims are being trapped with abusers.
Sunak's allies see him as "hyper intelligent" – others say he's a "technocrat" having a "Cleggmania" moment. Just don't call the Justin Bieber fan a nerd.
Falling oil prices should not dictate global markets, writes environmental scientist Angela Terry.
“This represents the death knell for frictionless trade," said one business leader.
Climate change activists used a fire engine to spray red paint at the front of the Treasury. They did end up losing control of the hose but afterwards, stood atop the fire engine with a banner reading "Stop Funding Climate Death"
The climate change activists stood atop the vehicle, which was covered in a banner that read "Stop funding climate death."