HM Treasury

George Osborne "must" make the wealthiest pay more to help fund tax cuts for the less well off in next week's budget, Nick
The taxman should explain to those failing to pay tax how they might evade prosecution if they own up, says a group of MPs
The government needs to take swift and decisive action to protect members of the public from falling prey to sharp practices
A public spending watchdog has found two projects costing £98 million that were set up to boost tax collection rates failed
Serious issues surrounding accountability are likely to emerge due to the increasing powers of the Bank of England and the
George Osborne has infuriated Tory MPs by reportedly ruling out tax breaks for married couples in the Budget. The Chancellor
The Treasury was "shocked" to find that HMRC had written off up to £10.9bn in tax in a year, according to the head of the
Treasury minister Mark Hoban has made an interesting revelation during his evidence to a Lords committee on a Financial Transaction
The Business Secretary Vince Cable has revealed that the government will tomorrow accept in full the recommendation to ring
The country's top tax official is to retire next summer. Dave Hartnett, head of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), was forced